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Amy's Wedding. 08.21.09

Amy was my boss at Utah Mountain Title, before I moved here. So I went to Utah for her wedding, which was awesome! I LOVED my job...UMT is the best, and I loved all my co-workers. We had so much fun seeing eachother again. Although, I think I was the only one having sober fun :)
The UTM crew!

The happy couple. Gorgeous.

It was really nice to have all four sisters together for the weekend. I was missing these peeps.
But the BEST part of going to Utah, and what I had been looking forward to for 5 months, was meeting THIS little (big) guy :)
This is J.D. Walton. My friend Brook's chubby-legged sweetheart. My heart has been aching to meet meet him and kiss him and smell him and love him. (check. check. check. check.) He is the cutest!

It was so good to see my Brooky again, but it really was sad to watch them leave... Brook is one of those friends that know you so well, that no matter how long it has been, or how your lives have changed... You just pick up where you left off. Brook has seen me at my worst, and at my best and has always been there for me. I feel a little homesick when I look at these pictures. I miss you Brook! And J.D., my love... don't grow up too much before I get to see you again.
This was last night. I just love these two pictures :) Kodak moment.

The end.


  1. what a beautifl bride! i love her dress! i didn't know brook had a baby!! he is so cute!! i am glad you got to come to utah

  1. You know Brook Walton?

  1. oh no i was thinkin brooke beuner from bhs. i heard thru the grape vine she was prego, but who knows if that is true:) he is a cute baby either way :)

  1. Oh, well actually she's on my Facebook, Brooke Beuner, and she also had/or will have a baby!

    All these babies. Who can keep up? :)

  1. oh good so i am not totally losing my mind! that is awesome for brooke!
    i know right! i am so glad everyone else has babies so i dont have too :)

  1. Those last two photos were BOMB! And the wedding looked awesome. And for the record, no baby on the way for me.