at Monday, March 23, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Hello friends... (Though I am not actually certain there is anyone who reads my blog)

Is it Monday? Ugh. I was as unproductive as ever this weekend.

Angie, my best friend, moved here last weekend! I flew to Utah on Friday (the 13th) night. And Angie, Jason (Angs' Bro.), and I made the long journey back to WA on Saturday. It was excruciating, but we made it! I am so happy to have her here... But quickly we were both reminded of the unproductive people we seem to become when we are together. Since she has gotten here we have found time to watch: Love Potion #9, Fever Pitch, Fargo, Teen Witch, Mean Girls, Twilight, TWICE (but the 2nd time was for Brett ;), The Pursuit of Happyness, Fear, Hairspray, Picture Perfect, Role Models, Sex and the City, and countless episodes of Medium. But I don't care... I love that she is here,  afterall, those are some great flicks!