at Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

So... For about 5 years I have been drinking Diet Coke like a crazy woman---3-8 cans a day. :/ But I will say that my intake is not quite as bad as it appears, in that I never actually finish my soda. I am particular about it...I like it really cold, in a can---So I really only drink the first half of the can, while it's still super cold. 

 I think Brett has caught on to my wasteful ways-- yesterday, he & Will came back from the grocery store with a 12 pack of mini 8oz Diet Cokes :) And, sure enough... It was the perfect amount of Diet Coke for me, none went to waste. Now if only this smaller, cuter can, were also cheaper. :/ ....Perhaps I should just QUIT! ......One day.


  1. Why the heck are the mini-cans just as expensive as the large ones? I just don't understand...dumb.

  1. I don't know... Perhaps because they WANT you to buy more. For example. I would like to cut down...But the 24 pack cans at Safeway are $6.99 & the 12 pack cans are $5.99. Hello!