at Tuesday, December 04, 2012 Posted by Lisa

Firstly, I'll say that Henry has been sick this week. Any time he sneezes, disgusting things happen. Often when I don't have a tissue nearby to assist him with.

Okay, that being said...

Henry really enjoys helping me with the laundry. His favorite part (and really the only part that he is actually useful at) is putting the wet clothing from the washer that I hand to him into the dryer. He hears that washer lid go up and immediately is at my side. (Note that this doesn't happen all that often... I really hate doing laundry)

Anyway... Today I handed him item after item to put in the dryer. He was having a wonderful time. Then I handed him my brand new JCrew Chambray shirt. He took it and before putting it in the dryer, he did a nice big old sneeze into it, then blew his nose, wiped himself up and put it in the dryer.

Gross. This complete laundry redo brought to you by the letter "H".