at Thursday, September 30, 2010 Posted by Lisa

On Monday, William turned 5.

When I first met this little boy, he was 2... Just a few days away from his third birthday. B & I's very first date, in fact, was spent making a Finding Nemo themed birthday cake for the wee little one.

Those first days & months and even year were difficult at times. Those were the days when I sometimes felt the need to bribe him with candy to get a smile aimed in my direction. As he, I'm sure, wondered why I was around all the dang time. It was a lot of adjusting & a lot of change for both of us.

Those harder moments are {happily} past us. But it is definitely bittersweet... he is growing too fast. I miss being called "Weesa".

I am so grateful to get to love such a sweet & caring, smart & witty, little boy. I can not imagine a life without him. I don't know what I ever did before I had Brett & Will in my life. I love you kiddo... Thanks for continuing to love me (rather than pretending to not know me) when I sing too loud in public, pick you up from preschool in my pj's, sleep with your baby brothers ultrasound picture clutched in my hand, accidentally let your Red Robin balloon fly out the window, or step on your "pet" banana slug. & thank you for being my buddy.