at Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Posted by Lisa

Ok, since people have been telling me that my updates are not helpful in regards to actually knowing whats going on in my life, I will attempt to list a few things. (Though it really doesn't stray far from Otter Pops & hot weather...as I have heretofore mentioned, but whatever)

A list:
It has been in the nineties. In Seattle. Madness.
Our side of the duplex stays shaded and cool, unfortunate for the nice fellow on the other side.
I find a lawn chair in the creek offers much relief from the heat.
My morning sickness has gotten very mild.
I am incredibly emotional.
I teared up in the produce aisle yesterday because the nectarines smelled so good.
I got choked up on Saturday while explaining the story of The Lion King. But, who doesn't?
I am itching to start 'Catching Fire'. In fact, I think I will go pick up a copy today.
I talked to my sister Christie for 1 hour 38 minutes last night.
I talk to my sister Katie about 17 times per day.
Sara should call me more...
I can't stop thinking about potential middle names for small baby.
Baby craves cake a lot... Or is that just me?
I eat 10 Otter Pops per day.
I miss William when he's not around.
Angie's baby is almost here & I can't wait.
I go to Utah in exactly one month!
I really need a picture above my mantel.
I love mashed potatoes from scratch.
We have had mashed potatoes from scratch 3 times in the past week.
I have made no effort to think of boy names.
Boy names are hard.
I feel 100 lbs heavier, but have gained only 4.
I have my 2nd OB/GYN appointment on the 25th.
I am 12 weeks today.
I miss Lagoon.
I almost called the cops on our loud neighbors last week.
We live across the street from a retirement community and I am the one calling the cops?
There are officially no more fruit flies in my home. PEACE.
I'm am completely obsessed with Criminal Minds & watch at least 2 episodes per day.
My hubby makes me laugh like nobody else can.

Ok, a scatterbrained list of randoms...but an update of sorts.



  1. I love the update, especially the part about the nectarines. Also, your little family is adorable. You look so happy. I love it!

    p.s. Thank you for your kind comment!

  1. so many things i can relate to/want to comment on, but can't remember anything anymore.

    mostly i remember:
    i despise fruit flies.
    12-weeks pregnant is a big deal. congrats.
    love that family picture. christmas card maybe?
    i almost called the police on our (senior cit) neighbor last week too.
    so lovely that you miss Will.
    totally love {real} mashed potatoes; cannot believe you actually cooked something over heat in this weather. ugh.
    being married to someone who can make you laugh is about the best thing in the world. congrats on that, too.
    boy names are ridiculously hard to come up with. they take so much more thought. no worries. you've got plenty of time, and you WILL figure it out. ooh- i just thought of one: Won't. you could have Will and Won't. pretty funny- right?

  1. So funny!
    When I was pregnant there was this Finnish commercial selling blinds or windows or something and I would tear up every time! Ben would come in and I would be bawling. In my defense, it was a really cute commercial.

  1. Lisa, looks like you're having fun. I think about being pregnant more these days but it'll probably be another three years or so for me... good for you!

  1. ok but really, are any of these things different from your pre-preggo self?? maybe you're just more ok with admitting that you get teary over things like nectarines now that you are preggo. :) I love you lisa and your soft heart.