at Friday, June 25, 2010 Posted by Lisa

Anyone know what song this lyric is from? I'll give you nothing if you get it right, so don't worry about trying.

Anyway, I heard this song come on this morning on the way to work, and decided that, though I totally love this song, it falls into my category of lyrics I call: Good-thing-the-beat-is-so-rockin-cause'-the words-are-whack.

I get the joke, cup o' sugar. And I really like the song. I just can't help but try to incorporate it into real life. Maybe it's just me. "Give me some sugar... I am your neigh-bor". Can you imagine if a guy actually came up to you with that line? ..."So what buddy? The short distance between my residence & yours in this neighborhood in no way entitles you to any of my "sugar"... And no, I will not come home with you. And I think that's your Schwinn being towed."

I'm a lyric listen-to-er. Er... I listen to lyrics. When a song comes on, I listen to the lyrics over the melody. I have one talent, and that is memorization. I memorize songs from the first time I hear them. And I remember them forever after. Every lyric, beat, pause, (even remembering the dances I made up for some songs during my middle school years...you know you all did it)

Anyway, that really isn't my point. My POINT is: Because I am a lyric person, I have a hard time enjoying a lot of songs... Cause when you listen to lyrics, or read them, without the funky beat... They can be creepy, illiterate, whacked out weird, or down right disturbing.

Now, there is good weird and bad weird.
I like to think of myself as "good weird", but thats not really what we are talking about.
And i'm probably in the "bad weird" category anyhow.

Certain lines stick out to me, and I think "I'd love to hear someone say that in real life."
But the song that can sum up "bad weird" for me best at this current time is...Drumroll...

A few lines from the winning song:

"She got that good, good, she Michael Jackson Bad" ...huh?

"And now we murderers, because we killin' time" ...My favorite.

"He on my low scrunch, He on my Echo Whites" ...Huh? Scrunchie?

"I'm that red bull, now lets fly away" ... Oh dear, why can't someone say that to me?

"I race for your love, Shake n' Bake Ricky Bobby" ....sigh

I'd go on, but there are very few lines I feel comfortable sharing on my little family blog.

Ok, that's all. I'd say I've sufficiently rambled on, no doubt.
I am a lyric person... Now you know.
The end.


  1. i wish i could remember lyrics...or even understand them. Most of the time when i am listening to the radio or anything i can barely understand half of what the singer is saying. You are lucky.

  1. Umm... flipping through the radio just as Outkasts "Hey Ya" was playing on a station I never listen to.. You're little lyric came up and I thought of you guys. Hope you're all doing well down in Issaquah :)