at Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Posted by Lisa

Ok, so I just got married, as you all most likely know by now. What you may not know is that I hate the dentist. Loathe going there. Really, really no likey. Unfortunately for me, my husband doesn't share my hatred. And unfortunately (only for me) I married into full dental coverage. Therefore, I had to make an appointment...and go. I also made an appointment for my 4 year old step-son. I have compiled a Will vs. Me list, depicting the differences in these two appointments:

Will- Totally stoked to go after only 4 years of his little life
Me- Haven't been to a dentist in 10 years

Will- Couldn't stop sharing his excitement for his upcoming appointment.
Me- Having nervous fits for the 15 days leading up to my appointment.

Will- Woke me up at 6am asking when we could leave for the dentist appt at 9.
Me- Called the dentist beforehand to request Valium to calm me before I got to my appt.

Will- Agreed to let me accompany him back to the dental chair.
Me- Begged my sister-in-law & husband to come with me for moral support

Will: Realized his appointment was almost over, and frowned.
Me- realized that there is no laughing gas is present at this particular dentist office. And cried.

Will- Happily agreed to pictures taken of him throughout his appointment.
Me- Threatened my sister-in-laws life if any photos were snapped.

Will- Got to pick out of the Treasure Chest after his appointment
Me- Got to pick up another appointment card after my appointment

Will- No cavities!
Me- Not telling... :/


  1. Don't worry. I also HATE the dentist. Like, HATE HATE.

  1. So sad I didn't listen to you. Wouldn't it have been GREAT to post Will vs. Lisa pics too?!?

    (menacingly) heh heh heh

  1. Oh yes the last pic is the best.

  1. You're not alone on this one. I have had to cancel dentist appointments because I was up all night hurling because I was so scared. We're pathetic. We know it.