at Friday, February 12, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

I was looking for a picture on my aunts computer the other day when I came across a file labeled "Lisa's Wedding" in my cousins picture folder. Oh great, I thought. But I must say I was a bit curious, since of course, I have not held on to any of my own pictures from the day.

So I clicked... And I will tell you this:
Though I lived the experience, though I planned it, and bought the dress, and mailed the invites - I realized in once glance that I could not remember actually being there. The feeling, the details, or the woman in the dress. Particularly the woman, she was unrecognizable to me. (And not just because of how much heavier she was :) She was just... Not me.

When I look back on my life choices up until now, I can't help but feel grateful. Grateful for experiences that hurt me, challenged me, broke me, and ultimately those that saved me. The experiences that eventually awoke a strength in me that I had never known was there, and that I needed desperately to find. And the choice that brought me to where I am now, led me to become a person I love, and shaped me for a future I have always known I have wanted deep down. And, of course, it brought me to my B... where I belong.

Life is good, and it just keeps getting better.


  1. I am grateful too--or we might never have met!

  1. AWE!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is sooo sweet!!!

  1. I love this post! I am so happy that you are happy! :)

  1. i literally fell in love with this post. :) like, literally.

    being able to see growth in ourselves is just about the best thing in the world (next to being engaged). congrats on both.

  1. The last line sums it all up, and all those who can unashamedly proclaim that are the ones who are truly blessed.