at Wednesday, December 02, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Generally I feel I am somewhat of a laid-back person. I didn't use to handle stress well, so I have taught myself to not let things irritate me, especially things out of my control. I try to deal with things in the moment, then close the file and be done with it. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I cry for a while, then I am fine. So most situations of stress in my life are quickly diffused. But of course, there are still those little silly, stupid things that bug me for no apparent reason. Things like: people who don't open doors or are disrespectful to their elders, being shushed, socks with sandals, etc. Silly things to let bug me, yes, but I suppose they are just little things my mind uses to release my frustrations and help me keep balanced :)

But wanna know the silliest one?

When I make a left or right turn in my car sharp enough that a blinker is necessary... But not quite sharp enough that the blinker turns off by itself once the turn is made. I find myself jerking my wheel way harder than is necessary to make the small turn, to trigger the automatic shut-off... As if it would be much too difficult to just lift one finger and shift it up and off manually.

Does anyone else have any silly OCD-like things in their life? Please share to make me feel better about myself. :)


  1. hahaha samezies!
    also... jason always makes fun of me.. because when im turning right.. and there is not left option.. or straight... aka everyone is turning right (like in a parking lot ha) i still use my blinker!

  1. I actually got pulled over once for not using my left turn blinker in a left turn only lane. So quiet Jason!