at Wednesday, December 09, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I'm ENGAGED!!!!!!

Saturday afternoon Will's mom, took Will for a few hours to have some pictures done. The second they left I said "Let's eat, I am STARVED!" I began shouting at B to hurry and slip into his boots so we could go only to find him cleaning out the closet. WHA??? "Why are you cleaning out the closet right now? This is not the time... I am sooooo hungry!" I have never seen him clean the closet before and simply could not understand why it had suddenly become such a priority. I continued to state how hungry I was as I grabbed the handle of the front door to usher him out. I whipped around to find my honey down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

In a shocked voice and at a totally unlady-like volume I believe I shouted: "ARE YOU ASKING ME TO MARRY YOU?"
To which he responded: "Lisa Nicole Best, will you marry me?"

I immediately burst into tears and tackled him to the floor with kisses. :)

He later mentioned that in my excitement at the moment, I had not actually answered him, but don't worry, I said YES!

That was Saturday. On Monday I was heading to B's after the gym. When I got there all the lights were off. Hmmmm. I unlocked the door and opened it up to find a homemade meal and tealight candles in the shape of arrows leading me back to Brett's room where he was on one knee, yet again. He said "This is how I was going to ask you" I asked why he had done it Saturday if he already had this planned for Monday and he said "I just couldn't wait"

And I cried.

Even cuter than the romantic evening of candles and dinner, was that simple statement. That he couldn't wait.

I love you Brett Edward Hodson. Thanks for choosing me. I can't wait to be your wife :)


  1. YEAAA! This is too cute--you guys are adorable. I am SO excited for you to officially join the family!

  1. SO adorable! Congrats! Will says he's excited to have you live with him and that he's gonna wake you up early in the mornings. lol. Have fun with that! I'm very happy for all 3 of you. :)

  1. Someone pass me the tissues because I'm crying all up in this place! I hadn't heard the re-do story... absolutely tender :) I love you, sis ;)

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  1. .......awkward......

    Congrats Loop! We are SOOOOO excited for you!!!

  1. Oh hun that's such a great proposal story! CONGRATS!! He sounds like an amazing guy and you two will have such a good life together! I hope you have a reception or something in Utah so I can see your pretty face and meet this great guy :) Congrats again!

  1. How adorable is he!!!! Awwwwe! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!! :)

  1. Ahhh! I am so happy for you. What a great engagement story.

  1. oh lisa congrats!!!!!!!i am so happy for you guys!!!i just got a little choked up reading this. i love weddings!!! maybe one day i will have one of my own :)

    was this a total surprise or had you guys discussed it? the ring is absolutely beautiful. YAY!!

  1. Congrats!!!

  1. COngrats!!! I am so happy for you!

  1. a delayed but very congratulatory congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!!!