at Monday, August 10, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I had been obsessing over these Pie Pops I saw here. So on Friday, I made them. I really don't even particularly like pie, these were just so cute! Mine obviously did not turn out as cute as Luxirare or Bakerella... But they were super easy to make and fun also. I didn't have a round cookie cutter, so I used the bottom of my Diet Coke can :) ...See? I recycle. Reduce, Reuse Recycle! Gold Star to moi.

I loved making them, so on Sunday I brought more pie crust over to my Aunts, and my Cousin and I made more of them. This time we used actual cookie cutters, well kind of.

So there we were... Up until the wee hours of the morn, listening to rap and bakin pie... Who doesn't do that?


  1. YAY! you are so domestic! i am very impressed!

  1. I want to make these too!!! They look good!

  1. I love it. So cute!

  1. SO CUTE! I really want to make those now!! Good job!

  1. I saw these on Bakerella! I'm so impressed. They turned out great :)