at Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Posted by Lisa Best

Well, here you have it... My first blog post. I know I am the worst at keeping up with my correspondence, so this hopefully will be a good way to keep everyone updated on the ever changing, impetuous journey that is my life.... 


  1. lis! yay for blogs. i just started figuring mine out. if you dont know katy's... its adventuresofsisterkate.blogspot.com

  1. hey lisa!! I'm linking your blog to Kate's, k? I didn't know you were up in WA- what are you doing up there!? I'm interested to follow your blog on the sly so make sure to stay up on your posting duties. :) It's a great way to chronicle your life, if nothing else. Feel free to check out my blog as well: http://jamoandsare.blogspot.com
    love you!

  1. Sare, I love your Blog! I moved up to WA in June. I just needed a fresh start, best decision of my life!!!I will keep up on my posting duties!!! xo <3 Lisa